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    I am really excited to announce that element14 is exclusively offering customization of the Raspberry Pi to OEMs for commercial projects.  The partnership with Raspberry Pi Trading is based on our proven expertise in design and manufacturing through the 200 engineers at our Embest and AVID businesses.

    This is an incredibly exciting development for Raspberry Pi Trading, Broadcom and the industry as a whole, which will see boards featuring the Broadcom application processors being designed into end user applications and markets in significant volume.

    We are announcing the service following a number of customer requests, and customizations including reconfiguring the board layout, incorporating additional functionality, redesigning the interfaces, and changing the board and memory configuration will now be available.

    Opening up the Raspberry Pi Platform

    Opening up the Raspberry Pi platform to be customized to suit specific requests for applications for technologies such as Internet of Things to energy management; the agreement allows you to take advantage of the Raspberry Pi’s ease of programming and ability to interact with and control physical devices.

    Any of the Raspberry Pi boards and accessories can be customised and all will feature the Broadcom chip.  Requests with a minimum order quantity of 3,000 to 5,000 units can be made through the Design Center at  Costs and lead times will all be bespoke to individual projects.

    This announcement is huge for our business globally and core to our strategy to become leaders in electronics design.  We have worked closely with Raspberry Pi Trading since the launch of the original board in 2012 and this is the next logical step for the Raspberry Pi.  Our expertise in design and manufacture makes us the ideal partner for this initiative and I am truly excited about this next phase in our Raspberry Pi journey.


    Claire Doyle
    Global Head of Raspberry Pi

    To reiterate:

    1. This is a global exclusive agreement between element14 and Raspberry Pi Trading

    2. It allows customers to create customised versions of the Raspberry Pi product portfolio

    3. element14, though its AVID and Embest businesses will exclusively provide design services and manufacturing

    4. This service is available worldwide from today!

    For more information or to request a customization please visit the Design Center