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    Q: Why does the Community website platform need upgraded from time to time?



    A: We understand that updates to the Community features and tools members are accustomed to using can be an inconvenience and also realize it can be frustrating to relearn how to use the website.  Every few years we complete an upgrade to the Community platform and members often ask "Why Upgrade"?  One of the reasons we upgrade is so that we can continue to receive support from our platform provider.  Most major software companies only support their versions for a certain period of time.  We must upgrade our website to ensure we remain on a supported version of the platform so that when issues are found we can quickly resolve them.  Additionally, as new technology improves we want to take advantage of these advances so that we can continue to improve your experience.  





    If you are still having trouble, have another question, want to share your feedback or would like to reactivate your account, you can visit our FAQ List, or leave us a message in the  Feedback & Support Section.