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    • Multiple board perforations: provide maximum evaluation and system design flexibility
    • Includes example of PCB capacitive sensor for two different channels
    • Operates via PC through USB interface
    • Accompanying GUI for quick concept demonstration and data capture

    The FDC2214EVM (Evaluation Module) demonstrates the use of capacitive sensing technology to detect the presence of any target object, which can be either conductive or non-conductive. The module includes two example PCB capacitive sensors that connect to two of the four channels of the FDC2214. An MSP430 microcontroller is used to interface the FDC to a host computer. This module is designed to provide the user with maximum flexibility for system prototyping. Therefore it is perforated at two locations: one, between the PCB capacitive sensor and the FDC2214, and another, between the FDC2214 and the MSP430 interface.

    The first perforation gives the user the option to snap off the capacitive sensor from the module and experiment with custom sensor designs. The second perforation allows the user to connect the FDC2214 and capacitive sensor to a different microcontroller system or use multiple such sensors in one system. An accompanying GUI allows for maximum flexibility and quick system prototyping.


    • Proximity Sensor
    • Gesture Recognition
    • Level Sensor for Liquids, including Conductive ones such as Detergent, Soap, and Ink
    • Collision Avoidance
    • Rain, Fog, Ice, Snow Sensor
    • Automotive Door and Kick Sensors
    • Material Size Detection
    Design PackageSensing Solutions EVM GUI Tool v1.8.8 (.zip)