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    • Development Kit for C8051F912 Ultra Low Power MCU
    • Development Kit for C8051F912 Ultra Low Power MCU


    The C8051F912DK MCU Development Kit contains everything needed to develop applications with the C8051F901, F902, F911 and F912 family of ultra low power microcontrollers.

    The C8051F90x/1x is the industry’s lowest power MCU, consuming as little as 160 µA/MHz in active mode and 10 nA in sleep mode with full memory retention. The C8051F90x/1x expands the award-winning C8051F92x/3x low power MCU product portfolio by offering lower memory devices with further power reduction and a higher resolution ADC.

    The C8051F90x/1x low power MCU family is fully software and hardware compatible with the C8051F92x/3x family and operates from 0.9 – 3.6 V to enable single cell battery designs.


    Features of C8051F90x-91x:

    • Industry’s lowest active and sleep currents
    • 160 µA/MHz active mode
    • 10 nA sleep with BOD disabled
    • 50 nA sleep with BOD enabled
    • 300 nA sleep with internal RTC
    • 600 nA sleep with external crystal
    • LDO voltage regulator
    • 2 µS wake-up time
    • 1.5 µS analog settling time
    • 25 MHz, single-cycle 8051 compatible CPU
    • 12-bit ADC
    • Up to 16 kB Flash, 512 bytes SRAM
    • 768 bytes of SRAM
    • 0.9 – 3.6 V operation

    Ships With

    • C8051F912 target board
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Silicon Labs' 8-bit Microcontroller Software Tools
    • Wall mounted universal power supply
    • USB debug adapter
    • 2 USB cables
    • 2 AAA batteries

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