Version 9
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    • USB2.0 Full Speed compatible
    • Standard USB MicroB receptacle
    • Single USB power input, built-in DC-DC converter for 6.5 V OTP programming power and main operation power supply
    • Quick and easy F4222H OTP data production programming–drop in the FT4222H IC to be programmed, the application controls the power supplies, programming and power off automatically.
    • Visual indicator for 6.5V programming voltage and USB bus power using LEDs

    The UMFT4222PROG-IC Programmer Module has been developed to aid programming OTP memory in the FT4222H.

    The internal OTP memory in the FT4222H is used to store USB Vendor ID(VID), Product ID(PID), device serial number, product description string and various other USB configuration descriptors. The UMFT4222PROG-IC Programmer Module is designed with the FTDI FT51. The FT51 downstream USB port is connected to the FT4222H programming socket.

    The user places the FT4222H DUT in the socket, starts the programming application on the host PC which controls the main power and the OTP program power to the FT4222H. When the FT4222H is programmed and verified, the application turns off the main power and OTP programming power for safe removal of the FT4222H from the socket.