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    FT4222H OTP Memory Programming Module


    The UMFT4222PROG FT4222H Programmer Module is used to program OTP memory on a UMFT4222EV or devices with a FT4222H.

    The internal OTP memory in the FT4222H is used to store USB Vendor ID (VID), Product ID (PID), device serial number, product description string and various other USB configuration descriptors. With this embedded OTP memory, the device can store vendor specific information and save the cost on BOM. The 4 pin connector on the module connects directly to the FTDI UMFT4222EV. The UMFT4222PROG allows the user to program the UM FT4222EV OTP memory from a USB host controller.


    • UMFT4222EV OTP Memory programming
    • OTP Memory programming on custom device with FT4222H


    • USB2.0 Full Speed compatible
    • USB bus powered
    • USB Type B micro connector for connecting to a PC
    • USB Type A connector for connecting to a UMFT4222EV or a device with a FT4222H
    • On board FTDI chip provides USB hub function
    • Visual indicator for 6.5V programming voltage and USB bus power using LEDs

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    • Programming Module

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