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    • PIC16(L)F1719 Emulation Extension Pak
    • PIC16(L)F1719 Emulation Extension Pak


    The PIC16(L)F1719 Emulation Extension Pak (Part # AC244065) is a cost effective in-circuit emulator system designed to assist with the most complex code debugging jobs. This advanced development/debugging tool includes an Emulation Header board, Trace Cable, Trace Adapter Board, and gold header pins, and is intended to be paired with MPLAB REAL ICE.

    PIC16F1719 combines Intelligent Analog integration with low cost and extreme low power (XLP) to suit a variety of general purpose applications. This microcontroller delivers on-chip Op Amps, Core Independent Peripherals (CLC, COG, NCO and Zero Cross Detect) and Peripheral Pin Select, providing for increased design flexibility.


    • Hardware Instruction Trace
    • 32 Runtime Data Watch points
    • 32 Powerful Hardware breakpoints/trigger events: address/data, ranges, data-masking/comparison, in/out of ISR
    • Runtime register reads/writes and breakpoints
    • 4 Event Combiners: each combines 8 combinational or sequential events into a single event trigger
    • Stack Snapshot
    • Trigger In/Out
    • Event breakpoints
    • Breakpoints and other events can trigger without halting execution
    • Stopwatch Cycle Counter
    • Previous PC query
    • Breakpoints, trace, stack snapshots, triggers, and event combiners use a common set of events for complex triggering

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