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    • MCP2221 Breakout Module
    • MCP2221 Breakout Module


    The MCP2221 Breakout Module is a development and evaluation platform comprised of a single DIP form factor board. The provided supporting software demonstrates the capabilities of the MCP2221 device as a USB-to-UART/I2C/SMBus protocol converter. Additionally, these tools provide simple access for I/O control and the ability to establish custom device configuration. Custom tools can also be created through the use of the provided DLL package.

    The MCP2221 is a USB-to-UART/I2C serial converter which enables USB connectivity in applications that have a UART and I2C interfaces. The device reduces external components by integrating the USB termination resistors and the oscillator needed for USB operation. The MCP2221 also has four GP pins providing miscellaneous functionalities (GPIO, USBCFG, SSPND, Clock Output, ADC, DAC, interrupt detector).


    • UART Tx and Rx signals
    • I2C/SMBus clock and data lines (SCL and SDA)
    • Four GP lines, configurable for GPIO, dedicated or alternate function operation
    • User-selectable (by using a jumper) power supply of 3.3V or 5V (up to 500 mA)
    • DIP form factor (600 mil spacing between two 7-pin headers)
    • PICkit™ Serial Analyzer header — used for UART and I2C/SMBus communication only

    Ships With

    • 1x MCP2221 Breakout Module (ADM00559)
    • 1x Mini-USB cable
    • Information Sheet

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