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    VI800A RELAY Module, Plug-in Accessory for the VM800P Plus Module
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    The VI800A-RELAY is a plug in accessory for the VM800P Plus module, which is used to develop and extend the functionality of the FT800 Embedded Video Engine, EVE. This module behaves as an SPI to relay bridge for the VM800P Plus module. The product provides a control adapter with 4 Opto-isolated Input and 4 changeover relay output, and status LED.


    • Connects to the VM800P Plus module using SPI slave interface
    • SPI slave interface is converted to relay interface
    • 4 Opto-isolated Inputs and 4 Relay outputs
    • 8 LEDs to indicate the input and output status
    • Screw connector to connect the relay inputs and relay outputs

    Ships With

    • Accessory Board

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