Version 9
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    • Ready to use LCD module
    • Integrated with capacitive multi-touch screen LCD panel
    • Firmware compatible with VM800B module in default single touch mode
    • On board LCD backlight LED Driver
    • On board audio power amplifier and micro speaker
    • Flexible power supply. Powering the VM801B using either from a 2.1mm power jack, SPI master connector or via USB Micro-B port
    • 5V tolerant buffers when used with a 5V SPI Master
    • (Optional) 3.3V I2C interface, 100KHz max
    • Precision fitted bezel in black (-BK) or pearl (-PL)

    The VM801B 'Basic' development modules offer a hi-quality capacitive touch display system in an elegantly designed, form-fitted bezel that provides a fitted display and component board in a rugged, plastic enclosure. Offered in black (-BK) or pearl (-PL) colours, this display sub-system provides the engineer with a low priced option which can shorten development time while enabling a production finished look. The modules are designed to control 4.3" or 5" TFT displays.

    The VM801B43A-BK comes with 4.3” 480x272 Resolution TFT LCD with Capacitive Touch Panel, Black Case.

    Included in the module is a speaker for audio output and a 0.1" pitch connector socket for interfacing to the SPI interface of the system host MCU. There are 5 power configuration methods including a mini-USB socket and a 2 pin DC connector.

    • Dev Module FT801
    • 4.3" Pre-installed TFT LCD Display, Black Bezel
    User Manual/GuideVM801B User Guide (.pdf)  
    Data SheetFT801 Datasheet (.pdf)  
    User Manual/GuideFT800 Series Programmers Guide (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_240 FT800 From the Ground Up (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_245 VM800CB_SampleApp_PC_Introduction (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_246 VM800CB_SampleApp_Arduino_Introduction (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_252 FT800 Audio Primer (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_254 FT800 Designs with Visual TFT (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_258 FT800 Chinese Font Demo (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_259 FT800 Example with 8-bit MCU (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_275 FT800 Example with Arduino (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_276 Audio File Conversion (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_277 FT800 Create User Defined Font (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_291 FT800 Create Multi-Language Font (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_299 FT800_FT801 Internal Clock Trimming (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_303 FT800 Image File Conversion (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_308 FT800 Example with 8-bit MCU (I2C interface) (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_312 FT800 Example with ARM (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_314 FT800 Advanced Techniques - Working with Bitmaps (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_318 Arduino Library for FT800 Series (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_320 FT800 Example with PIC (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_327 EVE Screen Editor Installation Guide (.pdf)  
    Application NoteAN_333 FT800 and FT801 Touch Capabilities (.pdf)  
    User Manual/GuideFT800 Emulator Library User Guide (.pdf)
    Design PackageFT801 Sample Application (.zip)  
    Design PackageEVE Screen Editor Tool (.zip)