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    There will be 15 Challengers selected to receive a FREE official Maker Life Accessible Kit.  Below you will find more information on what’s in The Kit – a variety of components and peripherals for you to sink your soldering iron in to and connect to the NXP FRDM-KV31  FRDM-KV31  and FRDM-MC-LVPMSM.FRDM-MC-LVPMSM.


    If you want to participate in the Make Life Accessible Challenge, the only REQUIRED piece of your final build are the FRDM-KV31  FRDM-KV31  and FRDM-MC-LVPMSMFRDM-MC-LVPMSM.  Whether you receive the Challengers’ Kit or decide to enter on your own, you still have a chance to win one of our fabulous prize packages


    Other Parts included in this kit include:




    The approximate value of the Kit is $500 USD