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    • Click Board based on Atmel’s 32-bit AT91SAM3X8E MCU
    • Click Board based on Atmel’s 32-bit AT91SAM3X8E MCU


    Meet Flip & click, Arduino’s close cousin. This board shares a lot of Arduino DNA, Atmel’s 32-bit AT91SAM3X8E MCU, the familiar pinout, firmware to program it like a regular Arduino but it has a tendency to flip.

    When it does, you’ll get to see its other side, four mikroBUS™ sockets for connecting click boards. With more than 160 bite-sized clicks to pick from, anything goes. All sorts of sensors, transceivers, encoders, displays, connection ports are at your disposal. Separate communication lines allow for thousands of click board combinations, with no need for unsightly stacking or wire jumping. Flip & click is a perfect sidekick for your adventures in Maker land.


    • 7-20V DC connector
    • Programming USB port
    • Signal LEDs
    • AT91SAM3X8E MCU
    • Arduino UNO pinout
    • 12 MHz Crystal oscilator
    • 32.768 MHz Crystal oscilator
    • SPI header
    • Host/device USB port
    • System specification
      • Power supply via USB cable (5V DC)
      • Board dimensions 73 x 73 mm (2.87 x 2.87 inch)
      • Weight 30 g (0.066 lbs)
      • mikroBUS™ 4 sockets

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