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    • The FT232RL contains integrated 1024 bit EEPROM, 128 bytes long receive buffer, 256 bytes long transmit buffer
    • Configurable CBUS I/0 pins and entire USB protocol handled on the chip.
    • mikroBUS™ form factor enables easy integration.
    • Supported in all mikroElektronika compilers.
    • Ready-to-use examples save development time.

    USB UART Click is an accessory board in mikroBUS™ form factor. It’s a compact and easy solution for adding serial UART communication via USB cable. It features FT232RL USB-to-UART interface module as well as USB MINI B connector. USB UART Click™ communicates with target board via UART interface.

    The board is powered with 5V power supply, but is designed to use 3.3V or 5V I/O levels (selectable via SMD jumper). It has a LED diode (GREEN) that indicates the presence of power supply. The board contains RX and TX LED diodes that indicate the transmit and receive data via USB.

    Applications: Board is used in RS232 communication with modems, printers, PC applications, and various devices that use UART communication protocol.

    User Manual/GuideUSB UART click (.pdf)  
    Product Brief/Fact sheetmikrobus Specification (.pdf)  
    Data SheetFT232R - USB UART IC (.pdf)