Version 4
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    • Demonstrates proximity and cap touch capabilities
    • Adaptive processing algorithm integrated in the firmware
    • JTAG connection available for debugging
    • Battery operated from one AA-battery (not included)
    • Firmware included

    The FDC2214PROXSEN-EVM demonstrates capacitive proximity and capacitive touch button sensing with the use of TI's FDC221x capacitive sensing technology. The EVM is a complete hardware and firmware solution that integrates the 4-channel FDC2214, MSP430FR5969, and the TPS61029 into one design.

    The firmware processes the data with an adaptive algorithm to determine whether an object is in the intended sensing area. All of the processing is done on the MSP430 so the EVM is a standalone system. Dedicated colored LEDs light up once the device detects a target in close proximity to the board or detects a touch on the buttons. The EVM is powered by one AA battery.


    • Proximity Sensor
    • Gesture Recognition
    • Level Sensor for Liquids, including Conductive ones such as Detergent, Soap, and Ink
    • Collision Avoidance
    • Rain, Fog, Ice, Snow Sensor
    • Automotive Door and Kick Sensors
    • Material Size Detection


    Simulation Model/CAD ModelsFDC2214 IBIS MODEL (.zip)