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    On-chip debugging emulator for Renesas's mainstream MCUs


    As a highly affordable on-chip debugging emulator for Renesas's mainstream MCUs, E1 provides all the basic debugging functions while serving as a flash programmer at the same time.

    For the communication system, serial, JTAG or LPD connection can be selected depending on the MCU type.

    In addition to the basic debugging functions, it incorporates Hot Plugin function that allows you to connect the E1 emulator without having to turn off the system, thus achieving efficient debugging and performance evaluation.


    • Affordable yet powerful debugging device that can meet the actual development needs.
    • Enhanced functions for faster debugging
      In addition to basic debugging functions, the E1 supports execution time measurement and hot plug-in functionality (dependent on the MCU) that allows connection to the user system while the program is running.
    • Also functions as an on-board programmer.
      Can be used as an on-board programming tool after the debugging, enabling smooth evaluation of the MCU.
    • Optimally suited for evaluating analogue functions such as A/D and D/A properties.
      Electrical characteristics are the same as those of the actual MCU, since the actual MCU is used for debugging.
    • Serial, JTAG and LPD connections are supported.
      For the communication system, serial, JTAG or LPD connection can be selected as required by the type of the target MCU.
    • Simple connection
      Connection requires only a connector mounted on the user system, thus significantly reducing the possibility of loose connection.
    • Environmentally friendly material
      The casing is made of plant-derived polylactide (PLA).

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