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    mangOH Green, Board Only
    Mfg Part No: WP8548-HARDWARE
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    mangOH Green, Starter Kit
    Mfg Part No: WP8548-G-KIT
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    Hardware Features:

    • 3 IoT Connectors slots QSFP (industrial-grade) to connect sensors, networks, with hot plugin feature
    • 2 CF3™ connectors (industrial-grade) for application processors and wireless modules
    • WP8548 CF3 module with a Cortex A5 application processor, GNSS receiver, and 3G cellular modem (sold separately if you order the board only)
    • 1 Arduino connector supporting compatible shields
    • 1 USB 2.0 Micro, 1 RS232/Serial, 1 RJ45/Ethernet, 1 Audio Jack
    • Micro SD Card slot
    • 3 U.FL antenna connectors: primary, secondary/diversity, GPS/GNSS. SMA option available
    • Accelerometer and gyroscope
    • Battery enabled for low-power wireless applications
    • 100mm x 120mm (4in x 4.75in) standard Eurocard format

    Legato™ Linux for Application-Level Development:

    • Pre-integrated with the open source Legato Linux platform for application-level development
    • Secure environment to run and control multiple applications
    • A Robust connectivity APIs for accessing cloud and network services such as voice calls, SMS, data
    • Multi-language development environment supports both Eclipse-based IDE or Command Line programming
    • A Maintained Linux distribution based on the long-term supported Linux kernel (LTSI) hosted by the Linux Foundation

    AirVantage® Cloud Services:
    • HTTP-based RESTful APIs for integrating IoT data
    • Big Data storage and analytics with aggregated data APIs for driving trend visualization
    • Operations console provides a SIM and device management with monitoring dashboards and remote update capabilities for your edge applications


    Designed specifically for cellular-enabled IoT applications, mangOH™ Green provides a sensor-to-cloud platform for rapidly prototyping ideas and getting them to production quickly. The new open hardware will make it easy to develop industrial-grade products with vetted components, open source software, and a business-friendly open license to modify and reproduce the design

    Solving Technology Interoperability

    Add different combinations of technology by plugging in different Arduino shields and IoT Connectors to immediately start building software and web applications on the open source Legato™ Linux (running on the Cortex A5 application processor inside the WP8548 module). The Arduino connector and IoT Connectors make any combination of wireless, wired, and sensor technology easy to add with:

    • Built-in libraries to connect any Arduino shield to the cloud (no need to change the sketch, just add the AirVantage library to the sketch and you are good to go)
    • Automatic detection of IoT Connectors to load drivers and applications (no integration required, just plug in and start building your apps)
    • Data management service that builds local intelligence on the “edge” as well as pushes data to the big data servers

    Helping You Get-to-Market Quickly

    Not only does mangOH Green deliver 90% of your prototype out-of-the-box, but it’s designed for building industrial-grade products so that software developers can build reliable IoT solutions easily and hardware designers can customize it to create new hardware IoT devices easily.

    • The Creative Commons Attribution license let’s you copy, modify, and distribute the hardware design with BOM, schematics, and gerber files all freely available
    • IoT Connectors as well as the software and applications built on the open source Legato Linux platform can all be reused in a final product design


    mangOH™ Green, Board Only contents:

    • ManOH Green base board
    • CF3™ socket cover (to lock the module in the CF3 socket)
    • CF3™ release tool (to remove the module from the CF3 socket)
    Note: the WP8548 module is sold separately and required to run applications.

    mangOH™ Green, STARTER KIT contents:

    • manOH Green base board
    • CF3™ socket cover x2 (to lock the module in the CF3 socket)
    • CF3™ release tool (to remove the module from the CF3 socket)
    • Breakout Board IoT Connector x 2 (sliders assembled)
    • Power Supply Unit (PSU)
    • Antennas x3 (GPS and LTE Flex)
    • USB cable

    Additional accessories available at checkout:

    • IoT Connector board rails
    • Breakout Board IoT Connector
    • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth IoT Connector
    • CAN Bus IoT Connector
    • RS232 IoT Connector
    • RS485 IoT Connector
    • Sierra Wireless SIM
    Data SheetWP8548 Datasheet
    Product Brief/Fact sheetmangOH Green Product Brief (.pdf)
    IoT open source hardware platform, mangOH™ Green
    IoT open source hardware platform, mangOH™ Green