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    NEW! Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
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    40 Pin OutPi3 Video Arcade Project


    The Raspberry Pi 3 is out now, and setting the cash registers on fire, it's moving off the shelves so fast! But being the light-fingered, sneaky Pi-hounds that we are, we managed to squirrel five of them away to give out to element14 Community members as prizes.


    Ah, but we aren't just going to hand them around. We want to know that it's the worthy who land these sought after fruitful beauties, so we've hidden them right here within the element14 Community.


    There are five such Easter eggs in total, and they'll go out to the first among you to decipher the following riddle and hunt them down.


    Remember: Don't post any spoilers! If you do, you're just helping someone else to find a Raspberry Pi 3 that could have been yours.


    Ready, player one? Off you go, and enjoy your adventure!



    In this place there hides a Pi 3,

    Behind a red door sealed by Andre-Marie.

    His rank you must earn to set the boards free,

    Then complete you a quest to find the Red Key.

    The path is before you, disguised in plain sight,

    A connection to find behind a high light.

    His status, not wrong, is yet left to write,

    And guides the worthy to fruitful delight.