Version 5
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    • MK66FN2M0VMD18 MCU (180 MHz, 2MB Flash, 256KB RAM, 144 BGA package)
    • Dual role high-speed USB interface with Micro-B USB connector
    • Ethernet connectivity
    • Micro SD card socket
    • Audio features:
      • Audio codec
      • Digital MEMS microphone
      • Auxiliary audio input jack
      • Headset/Analog microphone jack
      • Two inputs for additional analog microphones
    • Ardruino R3TM compatible I/O connectors -> Ardruino™ R3 compatible I/O connectors
    • Programmable JLink OpenSDAv2.1 debug interface implementing SWD debug protocol and virtual COM port functionality
    • Flexible power supply option
      • OpenSDAv2.1 USB
      • K66F USB
      • External Source
    • Accelerometer & Magnetometer (FXOS8700CQ)
      • Gyroscope (FXAS21002)
    • Two user push buttons
    • RGB LED
    • Optional header for add-on RF module: RF24L01 Nordic 2.4 GHz Radio
    • Optional header for add-on Bluetooth module: JY-MCU BT Board V1.05 BT

    The FRDM-K66F is a low cost development platform for Kinetis K66, K65, and K26 MCUs.

    • Audio features such as audio codec, digital MEMS microphone, auxiliary audio input jack, headset/analog microphone jack and two inputs for additional analog microphones.
    • Peripherals enable rapid prototyping, including a 6-axis digital accelerometer and magnetometer to create full eCompass capabilities, dual role high-speed USB interface with Micro-B USB connector, a microSD card slot, and connectivity using onboard Ethernet port and headers for use with Bluetooth® and 2.4 GHz radio add-on modules
    • OpenSDA v2.1, the NXP open source hardware embedded serial and debug adapter running an open source bootloader, offers options for serial communication, flash programming, and run-control debugging


    • Building control
    • Factory automation
    • Industrial drivers
    • IoT data concentrators
    • Medical monitoring
    • FRDM-K66F Freedom Development Board
    • Quick Reference Card
    • USB A to Micro-B cable
    Design PackageKinetis K66 Software Development Kit (SDK)
    Design PackageKinetis Design Studio (KDS)