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    Friend or Foe - let's just talk about friends...

    Have you ever wondered what other components and software work well with Raspberry Pi?

    Well, in short, probably most things, but to advertise the fact that this truly selfless board is happy to work with other well known parts, we decided to give a shout out to its best known friends it relishes hosting!


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    Arduino Leonardo / Uno

    The Pi can communicate with the board to enable realtime actions, additional inputs and other functionality.

    View the Connecting an Arduino to a Raspberry Pi Project

    CadSoft Eagle

    There are Raspberry Pi CadSoft libraries for the Pi and Compute, along with the ability to design add on boards.

    View the Raspberry Pi 2 CadSoft Library

    View the Raspberry Pi Compute Module Development Kit CadSoft Library

    View the Pi HAT Project (Pi 2 + Eagle)

    chipKIT™ Pi

    The world's first to enable the development of 3.3V Arduino compatible applications for the Raspberry Pi using a 32bit, high performance PIC32 MCU in a prototyping friendly package.

    Cirrus Logic Audio Card

    Adds high quality audio recording, and playback to the Pi.

    Learn More

    View Outdoor Audio Recorder Project


    A fun, low-cost, programmable wearable device that anyone can learn to use.

    View 10 Projects in 10 Days Blog

    Embedded Pi

    A triple play platform for Raspberry Pi, Arduino and 32bit embedded ARM. Blending all three communities together, Embedded Pi helps to get the most out of each platform.

    FPGA Development Board

    Allows people to create a customised microprocessor.

    Learn More

    Explore An Introduction, Documents and Tools


    Uses an ATMega328P which is the same chip as on the Arduino Uno.

    Learn More

    Spraying and Weeding Systems Paired with an Autonomous Lawn Mower Project


    Arduino and Arduino Uno compatible GPIO expansion board.

    Learn More

    Raspberry Pi RTC Shim

    Adds a real time clock to the Raspberry Pi.

    Learn More


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