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    • Evaluation Module for bq76200 100V Battery Pack High–Side Dual NCH FET Driver
    • Evaluation Module for bq76200 100V Battery Pack High–Side Dual NCH FET Driver


    The bq76200EVM-606 is a populated circuit board to demonstrate operation of the bq76200 High-Side N-Channel FET Driver with Pack Voltage Sense Enable. With the board powered, shunts can be placed on a series of headers to control the features of the device to switch current through FETs on the board. Power connections are provided through screw terminals. The board may also be connected to an MCU board or other equipment for control of the current path using the header pins or a terminal block.

    The bq76200 device is a low-power, high-side, N-Channel system. A high-side protection avoids ground disconnection in the system and also allows continuous communication between the battery pack and host system. The device has additional P-Channel FET control to allow low-current pre-charge to a deeply depleted battery, and a PACK voltage monitor control for the host to sense the PACK voltage.


    • eBikes, eScooters, and eMotorcycles
    • Energy Storage Systems and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
    • Portable Medical Systems
    • Wireless Base-Station Battery Systems
    • Lead Acid (PbA) Replacement Batteries
    • 12-V to 48-V Battery Packs


    • Populated circuit board for bq76200 demonstration from 10 to 70V
    • FETs for example current control up to 15 A
    • Screw terminals for current path connections
    • Manual control or external control through header pin or terminal block connections

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