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    • Evaluation Board for MCP9600 - Thermocouple EMF to Temperature Converter
    • Evaluation Board for MCP9600 - Thermocouple EMF to Temperature Converter


    The MCP9600 Evaluation Board is used to digitize the Thermocouple EMF voltage to degree Celsius with /-1C accuracy. Users can easily evaluate the all device features using a Type K thermocouple. The device also supports Types J, T, N, E, B, S and R. Each of these types are evaluated by replacing the Type K Thermocouple connector with the corresponding connectors (not included).

    In addition, evaluation board connects to PC via USB interface. Temperature can be data-logged using Microchip Thermal Management Software Graphical User Interface (GUI).

    The MCP9600 converts thermocouple EMF to degree Celsius with integrated Cold-Junction compensation. This device corrects the thermocouple nonlinear error characteristics of eight thermocouple types and outputs ±1.5°C accurate temperature data for the selected thermocouple. The correction coefficients are derived from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) ITS-90 Thermocouple Database.


    • Petrochemical Thermal Management
    • Hand-Held Measurement Equipment
    • Industrial Equipment Thermal Management
    • Ovens
    • Industrial Engine Thermal Monitor
    • Temperature Detection Racks


    • Digitize Thermocouples
    • User programmable digital filter
    • 0.0625 C measurement resolution
    • 4 user programmable alert limits
    • Multiple power save modes

    Ships With


    • Evaluation Board – An assembled and tested PCB ADM00665
    • USB cable
    • Type K Thermocouple


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