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    • CC2650 LaunchPad Development Kit with 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller for Bluetooth low energy (BLE)
    • CC2650 LaunchPad Development Kit with 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller for Bluetooth low energy (BLE)
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    The CC2650 LaunchPad kit brings easy Bluetooth® Smart connectivity to the LaunchPad ecosystem with the SimpleLink ultra-low power CC26xx family of devices. This LaunchPad kit also brings multi-protocol support for the CC2650 multi-standard wireless MCU and the rest of CC26xx family of products: CC2630 for ZigBee®/6LoWPAN and CC2640 for Bluetooth® Smart.

    The CC2650 wireless MCU contains a 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M3 processor that runs at 48 MHz as the main processor and a rich peripheral feature set that includes a unique ultra-low power sensor controller. This sensor controller is ideal for interfacing external sensors and for collecting analog and digital data autonomously while the rest of the system is in sleep mode.

    The CC2650 LaunchPad kit supports programming and debugging from Code Composer Studio™ and IAR Embedded Workbench IEDs. Develop your IoT application on the CC2650 LaunchPad using the TI BLE-Stack™ Software Development Kit (SDK) featuring a royalty-free BT4.1 certified software stack.

    Note: Revision 1.1 PCB is not able to support over-the-air updates with the firmware programmed from the factory. Please download updated firmware and use SmartRF Flash Programmer 2 to download it to the LaunchPad.


    • Connect your LaunchPad kit to the cloud with Bluetooth Smart on your Smartphone
    • Access all I/O signals with the BoosterPack connectors
    • On-Board emulator gets you started with instant code development
    • Upgrade the LaunchPad firmware over-the-air from the SimpleLink SensorTag app
    • Code Composer Studio IDE full license included
    • Includes 1MB external flash for support of multiple protocols or storing user data
    • Up to 5 dBm output power
    • Optional Sharp® Memory LCD BoosterPack support

    Ships With

    • LaunchPad board
    • Micro USB cable
    • Quick Start Guide

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