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    • Accuracy: class 1 with dynamic range 200:1
    • Nominal voltage: 240 V
    • Nominal current: 10 A (ITYP)
    • Maximum current: 80 A (IMAX)
    • Operating range: 0.6 Vb to 1.2 Vb
    • Meter constant: 3200 impulses/kWh
    • Power frequency range: 45 Hz to 65 Hz
    • Sensor: primary side Rogowski coil and secondary side Rogowski coil
    • Communication interface: IrDA®


    The STEVAL-IPE012V3 demonstration board implements a single-phase energy meter based on the STPM01 metering IC and STM8L152C6 microcontroller.

    This demonstration board offers a fully functional single-phase solution with parameter display, tamper management, maximum demand (MD) calculation, EEPROM data logging, and low power management.

    The STM8L152C6T6 microcontroller (package: LQFP48, 32 K Flash, 2 KB RAM, 48-pin) is responsible for all the data management and power management tasks. The MCU consumes very low power and has an in-built RTC for date and time management.

    • Hardware content
      • STEVAL-IPE012V3 demonstration board
    • Software
      • SerialIO GUI for IrDA communication testing
    • Documentation
      • User manual
      • Presentation
      • Schematic
      • BOM list
    Schematics / Layout filesSTEVAL-IPE012V3 gerber files (.zip)  
    Bill of MaterialsSTEVAL-IPE012V3 BOM (.pdf)  
    Schematics / Layout filesSTEVAL-IPE012V3 schematics (.pdf)