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    Connector Skills 1 Badge

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    How well do you know your way around a connector? Pretty well, I suspect, for a lot of you guys, but our own rscasny has put together the first few psalms of a brand new Connectors Bible that's well worth a look for those of us who worship at the alter of electronics.


    Connector-Essentials-1-High-Res.pngThere's a quiz at the end that Randy's included not so much as a test, but as a way for you to double check your knowledge. A personal reminder of what's gone in, and what's fallen by the cerebral wayside along the connectors journey.


    This is quite a new feature, that we've added to your element14 Community, and in celebration and recognition of your Essentials Connectors I brain crunching, we've set up a brand new badge.


    To get your hands on the Connector Skills I badge, and the 100 points that come with it, you need only complete the following:



    The badge is live and running now, so go get connected!