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    • RF Daughterboard Platform based on BlueNRG-MS
    • RF Daughterboard Platform based on BlueNRG-MS


    The STEVAL-IDB005V1D is an RF daughterboard platform based on the BlueNRG-MS low power Bluetooth® Smart IC, compliant with the Bluetooth® 4.1 specifications and supporting both master and slave roles.

    The STEVAL-IDB005V1D RF daughterboard features the BlueNRG-MS device, an SMA connector for antennas or measuring instruments and an SPI connector for an external microcontroller. It can be connected to STM32L motherboards available with the STEVAL-IDB002V1 and STEVAL-IDB005V1 platforms.

    The BlueNRG-MS is a very low power Bluetooth low energy (BLE) single-mode network processor, compliant with Bluetooth specification v4.1. The BlueNRG-MS supports multiple roles simultaneously, and can act at the same time as Bluetooth Smart sensor and hub device.


    • Watches
    • Fitness,wellness and sports
    • Consumer medical
    • Security/proximity
    • Remote control
    • Home and industrial automation
    • Assisted living
    • Mobile phone peripherals
    • PC peripherals


    • Bluetooth® SMART RF daughterboard based on the BlueNRG-MS low energy network processor
    • Maximum transmission power 8 dBm
    • Excellent receiver sensitivity (-88 dBm)
    • Very low power consumption: 7.3 mA RX and 8.3 mA TX at 0 dBm
    • Bluetooth® low energy 4.1 compliant, supports both master and slave roles

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