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    • Pi Click Shield - Connectors Soldered
    • Pi Click Shield - Connectors Soldered
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    Pi click shield is an extension for Raspberry Pi®, the low-cost mini-computer. It's a simple shield with a mikroBUS™ host socket to make your Raspberry Pi compatible with more than 70 different types of click™ boards.

    The click board enhanced Pi can have GSM, GPS, WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth and a whole range of other, more unusual functionalities, like thunder detection, proximity and color sensing etc. Software examples for click Boards are available on Libstock, giving you a repository of working code to use as it is, or as a starting point for your own projects. The package includes two 1x8 and a single 2x13 female socket, as well as a 12mm distancer with two screws.

    Applications: Pi click shield allows you to use click add-on boards from MikroElektronika on your favorite Raspberry Pi® mini-computer.


    • Two 1x8 female sockets on top side form a mikroBUS™ host connector.
    • Single 2x13 female socket on the opposite side is used for connecting with Raspberry Pi®.
    • Provided distancer and screws can be used to tie the shield down to the Raspberry Pi® in order to form a compact bundle and add more stability for placing click boards on top.
    • Shield is designed to stay within dimensions of the Raspberry Pi® for smooter integration. Click boards also perfectly align with the board outlines.
    • The shield without connectors can be soldered directly to Raspberry Pi’s connector, keeping your design low-profile and compact.

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