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    Pi IoT Design Challenge
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    Pi IoT  is the 2016 element14 Design Challenge featuring Raspberry Pi.


    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to organise, monitor or control all the smart technologies in your home or work space?

    Well, here's your opportunity...


          • Build your own personal Internet of Things (IoT) command center to control any living space - connecting your favourite gear and smart technologies.
          • element14’s Pi IoT Design Challenge asks engineers to envision and create a custom command center.
          • Selected Challengers will receive a free kit of components including the Raspberry Pi 3 to invent a system to monitor, organize and control a smarter and more efficient home or work space.
          • Design and construct amazing IoT home automation projects for a chance to win great prizes!


    With the Pi IoT Design Challenge, we are inviting members to control any personal space through the Internet of Things. You might want to build your own command center for your entire home, a workspace, a media room or even an outdoor space.


    Why “Smarter Spaces”? We're attempting to challenge members beyond what’s already commercially available – IoT devices like the Nest already provide smart control of home HVAC and there are numerous companies that offer internet-connected home security systems.


    By using “Smarter Spaces” we hope to broaden the scope of the applications.  A space is a personal interpretation, opening the possibilities for projects beyond even intelligent buildings and home automation. 


    The Raspberry Pi 3 is the only mandatory piece of equipment needed to enter the Challenge and there is no limit on the number and types of smart devices you can incorporate into your design.


    For example, you might build the coolest ever high-tech smart device-enabled outdoor shed, a smart-controlled utilities management system for an industrial unit, offices or even an aircraft hanger. You might design a smart means of mechanizing fruit picking in an orchard or maintenance of a garden. There are a lot of spaces out there to connect and control using the Internet of Things.


    We look forward to seeing both ideas and completed project posts. Up to 15 members with the best ideas submitted by 13th May 2016 will receive a free kit to participate in the Design Challenge, but anyone can join the fun at any time. All completed projects complying with Challenge terms and conditions will be in with a chance of winning great prizes!


    This is your opportunity to be unique, creative and versatile. Overall, we want our members to be innovative and explore the previously unthinkable.


    Good luck!


    And don't forget; you can ask the element14 experts and fellow global members any questions.