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    • RaspyPlay4 Hi fidelity sound reproduction for the Raspberry Pi B Plus
    • RaspyPlay4 Hi fidelity sound reproduction for the Raspberry Pi B Plus
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    Ever since its inception, Raspberry Pi has been a popular solution for home multimedia centers for many people. But the poor sound reproduction abilities of the Pi were a deal-breaker for anyone remotely interested in Hi-Fi. Not anymore. Play hi-quality audio from your Raspberry Pi B plus and Raspberry Pi 2 with RaspyPlay4.

    This add-on board features the PCM5122 DAC with excellent dynamic performance for audiophile-worthy reproduction of your favorite music, on a budget. It supports FLAC, ALAC, MP3 and WMA sound formats. Software-wise, it's compatible with several solutions, but we recommend RuneAudio. Store your favorite albums on USB flash, USB hard drive, SD Card, on a NAS server, or even stream it through a web radio or AirPlay — RaspyPlay4 supports it all. Kick your feet up, relax and enjoy.

    An Eurogenyx and MikroElektronika collaboration

    RaspyPlay4 is produced by MikroElektronika, but the idea and design of the board is done by Nebojsa Pejcic from Eurogenyx.

    After several years of research, trying to come up with a DIY solution for quality reproduction of digital sound, Nebojsa concluded that rather than build a standalone gadget, a better solution would be an add-on board for Raspberry Pi. The mini computer is widely available, affordable, and has enough computing power. The only thing missing was high quality audio output. After building a prototype, Nebojsa got positive feedback. RaspyPlay4 is the second generation, improved and refined for serial production.

    There are many software solutions that can work with your Raspberry Pi B plus and RaspyPlay4 setup, but we recommend RuneAudio. The popular open-source multiplatform music player software is the easiest to use because it already has built in support for RaspyPlay4. It's also easy to use, and has a web interface allowing you to control playback from any number of devices.


    • PCM5122 DAC
    • Two standard RCA stereo audio connectors, line out TSOP34836 IR receiver for remote control
    • Hardware volume control (24 dB to -103 dB)
    • Ultra-low-noise voltage regulator
    • System clock (MCLK) is generated by PLL which is integrated in the DAC chip, reducing high frequency electromagnetic interference, which improves the audio experience.
    • 5x2 LCD connector
    Audio output specs
    • SNR: 112dB
    • Dynamic Range: 112dB
    • THD N @ - 1dBFS: –93dB
    • Full Scale Output 2.1VRMS (GND center)
    • Sampling Frequency 8kHz to 384kHz

    Ships With

    • 1 x RaspyPlay4 board
    • 1 x 1x4 male pin header
    • 1 x 2x5 male pin header.

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