Version 3

    Given that the Raspberry Pi 3Raspberry Pi 3 is now probably firmly in your hands, and in your projects, the timing is spot on for an update to some of its accessories, and today we're happy to announce that the Pi Camera V2Pi Camera V2 and Pi Camera NoIR V2Pi Camera NoIR V2 are yours to buy.


    New Look


    First, of course, you'll be wanting to know what's changed in Pi Camera V2.


    I don't mind openly admitting that the update is an incremental one, because I'm already a big fan of the original Pi Camera. Apologies for resorting to a cliche here, but I'm a big believer that if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and Pi Camera V2 upholds that valuable adage admirably.


    There are some changes, of course, primarily in its CCD resolution. Both models now boast an 8 megapixel Sony IMX219 CCD (as opposed to its predecessor's 5 megapixels), and there's a new lens in place to beam a crystal-clear image onto it. From this you can expect the following resolutions:

    • Photos up to 3280 px by 2464 px.
    • Video at 1080p at 30fps; 720p at 60 fps; and 640 by 480p at 90 fps, offering a bit of slow-mo fun.


    As before, the NoIR version of the Pi Camera dispenses with the infra-red filter, giving you a great response in low light applications. Between the two, you've got all bases covered when it comes to a video solution for the Raspberry Pi. And it's worth noting that these V2 cameras are also backwards compatible, should you want to swap out a Pi Camera on an existing project or use an older model of Raspberry Pi. Just make sure you're version of Raspbian is up to date.


    And that's the basics of the Pi Camera V2 done and dusted. Nice and simple, eh?


    Pi Camera V2Pi Camera NoIR V2






    Eyeballs on New Projects

    Pi-NoIR-01.jpgAs with any new product launch, the first thing I want to know about (even before the product's specs, if I'm honest!) is about the project ideas that immediately come to mind for you guys when you see them.


    As we've already discussed, the Pi Camera V2 is a product improvement as much as a complete revamp, but I've no doubt that you have projects that could use enhanced detail, extra image clarity or improved night vision, so tell us all about them in the comments section below. The project idea that gets the most likes by the end of the week (Friday 29th) can have the two product samples that are sat on my desk (one of each camera model).


    So be generous and fair as you read through each other's ideas, and let's see if we can come up with some cunning new ways to put eyeballs on a Pi!