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    We’re closing out the fun and excitement of our Music Tech Design Challenge at Music Tech Fest – Berlin (#MTFBerlin).   The element14 Hack Camp at #MTFBerlin will provide 50 select artists, hackers, makers and developers with the tools they need to build new ways of interacting with music.


    Music Tech Fest runs between the 27th and 30th of May 2016, at the legendary Funkhaus recording studios in East Berlin, playing host to the 10th anniversary of Music Tech Fest #MTF –

    comprising a 3 day on stage festival and 4th day research symposium.

    element14 is sponsoring the integral Hack Camp (noon 28th - noon 29th May, plus prize presentations at 6 pm). 


    The Grand Prize winner of the Music Tech Design Challenge will attend the event in person as a guest of element14 in association with our sponsors BeagleBoard, Autodesk Fusion 360 and CadSoft Eagle.


    The Grand Prize Winner will present their project live on stage to the entire festival as well as enjoy artists and technology throughout the weekend.  They can also participate in MTF Labs peer review research sessions and live jam sessions on stage. Check back during the event as we’ll be sharing videos of festivities throughout the weekend.


    Ben (Benjamin Heckendorn), Felix and Max from element14’s The Ben Heck Show will be on hand to film an episode at the Music Tech Fest. Ben and Felix will lend expertise to 50 select participants of the element14 Hack Camp – running from noon Saturday until noon Sunday.


    The element14 Hack Camp is the central maker zone in the front of the show; everyone walks through this area to access meetings and the main stage – so everyone can watch as inventions are born.


    #MTF received over 150 applications and will announce 50 select hackers and inventors to participate onsite. element14 is providing competitors with kits that include Beagle Bone Blacks, Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, microphones, speakers, LEDs and other necessities.


    All teams competing in the element14 Hack Camp will present their final invention on stage – with the winner awarded a $2,500 USD ultimate shopping cart from


    Andrew Dubber, Director of Music Tech Fest comments on the element14 Hack Camp ‘These are not just entertainment hacks at Music Tech Fest...we really want to see things that will have a future after the camp, and that is what usually happens.’


    If you have any questions regarding the element14 Hack Camp you can post them here to Adam John Williams, the element14 Hack Camp Manager and an Expert Judge for the element14 Music Tech Design Challenge.


    Music Tech Fest is a labyrinth of rooms and corridors filled with curious experiments fusing musical performance with cutting edge technologies, quickly becoming a famed hotbed for futuristic musical research.


    It is a creative playground for music tech hackers, makers and developers of novel instrumentation and emerging artists. Converging under one roof to reinterpret ways of perceiving, experiencing and performing musical sounds through Open Source technologies; exploring core research themes like transhumanism, where music is played through extensions of the human body.

    If you would like to attend the event you can purchase a ticket online.

    Watch the MTF promo video to see how MTF brings together performers, technologists and innovators from around the world to invent the future.

    It is often said that music can be the social glue that brings innovators and creatives together; this is true for the Music Tech Fest and the element14 Hack Camp, providing perfect synergy with the element14 Open Source Music Tech Design Challenge.


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