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    • Corona: Isolated Industrial Octal Digital Input Translator/Serializer
    • Corona: Isolated Industrial Octal Digital Input Translator/Serializer


    In industrial control, industrial automation, motor control, and process automation applications, binary/digital sensors and switches are frequently required. Systems often need many optocouplers for isolating each sensor channel. The Corona (MAXREFDES12#) subsystem reference design provides the front-end interface circuit of a programmable logic controller (PLC) digital input module. The serialization feature allows a large reduction in the number of optocouplers used for isolation.

    The reference design accepts high-voltage inputs (36V, max) and features isolated power and data—all integrated into a small form factor. The Corona design integrates an octal, digital input translator/serializer (MAX31911), a data isolation device (MAX14850), and an H-bridgetransformerdriver for isolated power supply (MAX13256). The Corona digital input circuit solution is mainly targeted for digital input modules for PLCs, industrial automation, process automation, and motor control applications.

    • Building automation
    • Digital input modules for PLCs
    • Industrial automation
    • Motor control
    • Process automation


    • Eight high-voltage input channels (36V, max)
    • On-chip 8-to-1 serialization with SPI interface
    • On-chip 5V regulator
    • Isolated power and data
    • Small printed circuit board (PCB) area
    • Device drivers
    • Example C source code
    • Pmod™-compatible form factor

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