Version 16
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    Mfg Part No: ESDK868-UK
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    Mfg Part No: ESDK868-EU
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    • Cutting edge: Combines 3D Printing & IoT
    • Plug & Play: All needed parts included
    • Expandable: Instructions from simple switching application to whole IoT solution
    • Parts easy to reproduce: Printer data and spare parts list provided
    • Easy to customize: Plastic design data enclosed
    • Simple housing design: Batteryless, no battery compartment
    • Maintenance free: Batteryless
    • Cool & Green: Self-powered using kinetic energy

    The EnOcean Switch Design Kit enables design and realization of personalised switch sensor application to implement an IoT idea with a low-touch design effort. It allows for a customized and 3D printable switch for a self-powered IoT system.

    The kit contains a socket power plug that can be directly controlled by switches. This is the basic approach to control a load directly, e.g. a lighting fixture. Linking switches and sensors to a computer enables innovative IoT solutions and total new businesses. This linking can be very easily done e.g. via EnOcean TCM 310 module, via EnOcean USB or via EnOcean Pi.

    Switch Housing Design Process:

    • Select your appropriate Switch Design from the ESDK User Manual available at “Documents” tab
    • Download the corresponding design data from
    • If needed, modify the 3D data with an IGS compatible CAD tool. E.g. for FreeCAD lot of tutorials are available on the internet.
    • Using own 3D printer simply print the design. Alternatively, use one of many printing services available on the internet, some examples can be found in the ESDK User Manual.


    • WIRELESS MODULES (kinetic-powered)
    • SWITCH HARDWARE (Clamp Switch Rocker Switch)
    • PLUG RECEIVER (Plug & Play)
    • DESIGN DATA (links)