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    • Evaluation Kit for the MAX14827 IO-Link Device Transceiver
    • Evaluation Kit for the MAX14827 IO-Link Device Transceiver


    The MAX14827 evaluation kit (EV kit) consists of a MAX14827 evaluation board is a fully assembled and tested circuit board that evaluates the MAX14827 IO-Link® device transceiver. The EV kit is designed to operate as a stand-alone board or with an mbed board for easy software evaluation.

    The MAX14827 integrates the high-voltage functions commonly found in industrial sensors, including drivers and regulators. The MAX14827 features two ultra lowpower drivers with active reverse-polarity protection. Operation is specified for normal 24V supply voltages up to 60V. Transient protection is simplified due to high voltage tolerance allowing the use of micro TVS.

    • Industrial Sensors
    • IO-Link Sensors and Actuators
    • Safety Applications


    • IO-Link-Compliant Device Transceiver
    • IO and SPI™ Interface Terminals
    • Proven PCB Layout
    • Fully Assembled and Tested

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