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    • Evaluation Kit for the MAX35103 Reduced Power Time-to-Digital Converter
    • Evaluation Kit for the MAX35103 Reduced Power Time-to-Digital Converter


    The MAX35103 evaluation kit (EV kit) provides the hardware and graphical user interface (GUI) software necessary to evaluate the MAX35103 time-to-digital converter designed for ultrasonic heat, water, and gas meters. The EV kit includes a MAX35103EHJ installed, as well as the required USB-to-SPI interface needed to communicate with the IC. The USB-to-SPI master section of the EV kit, along with the EV kit software, provides a quick method to exercise the device’s functionality.

    The EV kit can be powered by the USB to simplify an evaluation setup, but also comes equipped with banana jacks that enable an external supply, such as a battery, to power the system. Provided BNC connectors allow for quick connection to piezoelectric transducers housed in a spool body. The provided terminal-block connectors allow for easy connection to the two remote platinum RTDs.


    • Ultrasonic Gas Meters
    • Ultrasonic Heat Meters
    • Ultrasonic Water Meters


    • Easy Evaluation of the MAX35103
    • Two Piezoelectric Transducers and Two RTD Connections Provided
    • EV Kit Hardware Optionally USB Powered (USB Cable Included)
    • USB HID Interface
    • Windows XP®- and Windows® 7-Compatible Software
    • Proven PCB Layout
    • Fully Assembled and Tested

    Ships With

    • Circuit Board Including MAX35103EHJ and USB-to-SPI Circuitry
    • Mini-USB Cable
    • Four Shunt Jumpers
    • Rubber Feet

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