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    Connectors II

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    While consumer and industrial-grade connectors have essentially identical functions, industrial connectors are utilized in applications that diverge considerably from those used in consumer electronics equipment. What differentiates industrial connectors from PCB and common I/O connectors is the substantial amount of engineering that went into designing the integral environmental protection needed for proper connector operation in many harsh or hazardous industrial environments. If you are an electronics student, a hobbyist in the maker community, or if you have been a design engineer focused on consumer electronics products, this learning module will expand your knowledge of the most common types of industrial connectors used in a wide range of applications spanning, IoT, M2M communications, motor control, parameter monitoring, energy production, and more.

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    Parts Used within the Module

    Splashproof Industrial Connectors
    Amphenol® Industrial Amphe-309 Series: 380-450V / 32A Splashproof (IP44)
    Harsh Environments
    Amphenol® Industrial Star-Line™ Power/Signal ConnectorAmphenol® Industrial AT Series Thermoplastic Circular ConnectorsAmphenol® Industrial ACA-B Series con, MIL-DTL-5015 Series Equivalent
    Amphenol® Industrial Max-M12 Series, Datalink Connectors
    High Vibration Connectors
    Amphenol® Industrial AHVB Series, High Vibration Connector KitAmphenol® Industrial Tru-Loc Series Connector
    Explosion Proof Connectors
    Amphenol® Industrial Amphe-EX Series, Hazardous Location Connectors
    Multipin Connectors
    Amphenol® Industrial P-Lok® SeriesAmphenol® Industrial Amphe-Lite™ Series, Circular Connector, MIL-DTL-38999 Series III Equivalent
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    Vehicular Connectors
    Amphenol® Industrial Universal Power Connector for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
    Solar Connectors
    Amphenol® Industrial Solar Plug and Socket Connector

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