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    • Evaluation Module for TAS5754M I2S Input, Closed Loop Audio Amplifier
    • Evaluation Module for TAS5754M I2S Input, Closed Loop Audio Amplifier


    The TAS5754MDCAEVM allows evaluation of the TAS5754M I2S-input, closed-loop amplifier. It is populated with two TAS5754MDCA devices, one configured for two channel operation and one configured for mono operation. It operates from single 4.5V to 26.4V power supply.

    When combined with a PurePath™ Console Mother Board (PurePath-CMBEVM – must be ordered separately) and PurePath™ Console GUI (PurePathConsole – must be ordered separately) you have a complete audio evaluation system at your fingertips that allows audio inputs from a variety of sources to the TAS5754MDCAEVM, and a GUI to control the device and supporting circuitry.

    The TAS5754M device is a high-performance, stereo closed-loop amplifier with integrated audio processor with PurePath™ HybridFlow architecture. To convert from digital to analog, it uses a high performance DAC with Burr-Brown mixed signal heritage. It requires only two power supplies: one DVDD for low-voltage circuitry and one PVDD for high-voltage circuitry. It is controlled via a software control port using standard I²C communication. In the family, the TAS5756M uses traditional BD modulation, ensuring low distortion characteristics. The TAS5754M uses 1SPW modulation, reducing the idle current draw at the expense of slightly higher distortion.

    • LCD/LED TV and Multi-Purpose Monitors
    • Sound Bars, Docking Stations, PC Audio
    • Wireless Subwoofers, Bluetooth and Active Speakers


    • 1SPW Modulation for best efficiency
    • Pre-defined PurePath™ HybridFlows designed for popular audio applications
    • EVM is configured as a 2.1 solution using one TAS5754M for left/right, and the second configured in PBTL for sub-woofer drive
    • GUI control via PurePath Console
    • PurePath Console Mother Board (PurePath-CMBEVM) provides flexible input signal routing (USB, SPDIF, and analog)

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