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    What makes an engineer tick? From what gets them out of bed in the morning to the toughest obstacles they've had to overcome, we asked everyday heroes to share their perspectives on life as an engineer.


    These are your stories told in your words.


    Jim Montgomery

    Jim Montgomery - Pushing the boundaries of space exploration

    Christine Joseph

    Christine Joseph - Preparing for career liftoff at NASA
    John Alford

    John Alford: Designer. Tester. Environmentalist. Engineer.

    Carolyn Fisher

    Carolyn Fisher - engineering the fastest road from A to B

    Jason Kridner of the BeagleBoard Foundation

    Jason Kridner - building an engineering community of collaboration and education

    Colleen Layman

    Colleen Layman - Paving the way for the next generation of women in engineering

    Mamta Patel Nagaraja

    Mamta Patel Nagaraja - a NASA engineer inspiring women to launch their careers to new heights

    Liz Trumbull

    Liz Trumbull - how a city skyline became her greatest source of inspiration

    Lisa Graber

    Video Profile:  Lisa Graber

    Allen Hottovy

    Allan Hottovy: Farmer. Veteran. Mentor. Engineer.

    Troy Braswell

    Troy Braswell - building relationships to last a lifetime

    Steven Schlender

    Steven Schlender: an engineer preparing to soar above the skies

    Ruchika Gupta

    Ruchika Gupta - A software engineer determined to meet any challenge head-on

    Rick Anderson

    Rick Anderson - a robotics teacher driving students toward social good

    Jeff Solin

    Jeff Solin -  Teacher. Father. Skateboarder. Engineer.

     Harold Benzuly: a WWII veteran with an eye for engineering

    Harold Benzuly: a WWII veteran with an eye for engineering

    Skyler Nesheim

    Skyler Nesheim: Discovering innovative solutions through perseverance

    Paul Horowitz

    Paul Horowitz: a Harvard professor on a mission to find life beyond earth

    Katherine Quigg

    Katherine Quigg - overcoming STEM stereotypes one hobby at a time

    Mallory Westmoreland

    Mallory Westmoreland - a teacher on a mission to make engineering cool

    Marilyne Figg

    Marilyne Figg - Kenyan artist inspired by family to become an engineer

    Meredith Hanrahan

    Meredith Hanrahan - engineering as a profession and a hobby

    Marcus Papadopoulos

    Marcus Papadopoulos: Problem-Solver. Innovator. Creator. Engineer.

    Shrenik Shikhare

    Shrenik Shikhare: Using imagination to innovate

    Jim Lipsey

    Jim Lipsey: Building a better life for others through engineering

    Adam Dayhoff

    Adam Dayhoff: creating a lasting legacy as an engineer and volunteer

    Bill Hammack

    Bill Hammack: teaching engineering inside and outside of the classroom

    Brian London

    Brian London: navigating across industries with an engineering mindset

    Conrad Jahrling

    Conrad Jahrling - Chicago engineer plays Chicago tourist for inspiration

    David Coyle

    David Coyle: chasing a passion for creativity through a lifetime of engineering

    Elizabeth Bierman

    Elizabeth Bierman - empowering generations of women to pursue engineering

    Nicole Obriecht

    Nicole Obriecht - how working for NASA changed an engineer's career path

    Michael Wylie

    Michael Wylie: perspectives on the parallels between math and music

    Chris Palisch

    Chris Palisch: Improving the lives of others with wire and cable


    Damon Hart-Davis: Saving the planet, one radiator at a time

    Enrico Miglino

    Enrico Miglino: A philosophical approach to development and engineering.

    Michael Ratcliffe

    Michael Ratcliffe: Harnessing technology to produce healthy, sustainable, locally-sourced food.