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    #ImAnEngineer was created to tell the stories of the modern engineer: stories that inspire, inform, encourage and motivate.


    #ImAnEngineer is all about the ingenuity and impact of engineers and the amazing everyday things they bring to life, from pacemakers and Velcro to wind turbines, high-speed rail and the Internet of Things.


    #ImAnEngineer is for the visionaries who are designing, prototyping, building, repairing and upgrading our world.


    Thanks for stopping by. We hope you’ll join us and celebrate the lasting impact engineers make on our world.


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    Engineer Profiles:

    Despite a reliance on materials and machines, engineering is, at its heart, a human endeavor. In this section we’ll explore the stories at the center of the industry: news, features and analysis that dissect trends in design, manufacturing, repair, education and other important topics, all while shining a light on the people driving them forward.


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    Engineer Stories:

    What makes an engineer tick? From what gets them out of bed in the morning to the toughest obstacles they've had to overcome, we asked everyday heroes to share their perspectives on life as an engineer.  Do you know an engineer who has a story to share?  Let us know.


    These are your stories told in your words.


    Engineering Insights:

    The world (and business) of engineering is deeply rooted in data, and it’s the numbers – and the stories they tell – that offer insights for moving the industry forward.


    The reports and content in this section explore important issues in the industry, from gender diversity to career outlook to the adoption of development kits, through an analytical lens.


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