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    Engineering touches almost every aspect of modern life - our jobs, where we live, how we commute. . . know an interesting story?  Let us know in the comments below.


    But then again, isn't eveything a story about engineering?


    Virtual Reality

    Five Tech Innovations to Watch in 2017


    Could the Internet of Sound bridge the gap between IoT and offline devices?


    Funding goals | Are Startups expecting too much too soon?

    Engineering for Kids

    Child's Play: Five engineering projects inspired by kids

    Clean Drinking Water

    Three ways modern engineering could help save the world

    Manufacturing Technology

    The state of manufacturing technology in 2016


    Three crazy engineering ideas that actually worked

    Digital Manufacturing

    Digital Manufacturing: A Modern Industrial Revolution?


    Three Digital Manufacturing Hubs bringing jobs and investment to their host cities

    Product Development

    4 steps to avoiding product development disaster

    Engineering mentors

    The importance of engineering mentors

    Lemnos Labs

    Could your startup benefit from an engineering incubator?

    Freelance Engineers

    Five unconventional freelance jobs that helped engineers to launch their careers

    Self-taught engineers

    Three self-taught engineers making a difference in their local communities

    Unicorn Club

    The Unicorn Club: Billion-Dollar Startups that Began with an Engineer

    Marie and Pierre Curie

    Engineering Dynasties: When Innovation Runs in the Family

    Pi Supply

    How a strategic partnership with Premier Farnell helped Pi Supply to focus on their core business strengths.

    Manufacturing Rivalries

    The greatest manufacturing rivalries in engineering

    Unusual Engineering Jobs

    Five unusual career paths for engineers

    Classroom Inventions

    Meet the engineering class of 2020

    Humanitarian Engineering

    Three innovative student design projects with humanitarian benefits


    The Growing Influence of Crowdsourcing on Electronic Components Production

    Northwestern University

    Grassroots engineering: The US universities pushing manufacturing forward


    5 Famous Crowdfunding Campaigns that Started with an Engineer

    Robots, the unlikely allies of factory workers

    Robots, the unlikely allies of factory workers

    Patents for Dummies: 5 things every engineer should know

    Patents for Dummies: 

    5 things every engineer should know

    Future Home

    How Premier Farnell helped Future Home develop their Smart Technology