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    • Flexible transformer-coupled analog input to allow for a variety of sources and frequencies
    • Easy to use software GUI to configure the ADS54J69 and LMK04828 for a variety of configurations through a USB interface
    • Quickly evaluate ADC performance through High Speed Data Converter Pro software
    • Simple connection to TSW14J56EVM capture card
    The ADS54J69EVM is an evaluation module (EVM) that allows for the evaluation of Texas Instruments’ ADS54J69 and LMK04828 clock jitter cleaner. The ADS54J69 is a low power, 16-bit, 500-MSPS analog to digital converter (ADC) with a buffered analog input and outputs featuring a JESD204B interface.

    The EVM has transformer coupled analog inputs to accommodate a wide range of signal sources and frequencies. The LMK04828 provides an ultra-low-jitter and phase noise ADC sample clock along with System Reference clocks and Device Sample clock for a complete JESD204B subclass 1 clocking solution.

    The ADS54J69 and LMK04828 are controlled through an easy to use software GUI to enable quick configuration for a variety of uses. The ADS54J69EVM connects directly to the TSW14J56EVM data capture hardware via the high speed FMC connector. The High Speed Data Converter Pro Software is also available for data capture and analysis support when using the TSW14J56EVM.

    • Radar and Antenna Arrays
    • Broadband Wireless
    • Cable CMTS, DOCSIS 3.1 Receivers
    • Communications Test Equipment
    • Microwave Receivers
    • Software Defined Radio (SDR)
    • Digitizers
    • Medical Imaging and Diagnostics
    • Board
    • USB cable
    • Cable Assy
    Design PackageADS54JXXEVM-Design Package (.zip)  
    Applications LibraryADS54Jxx EVM GUI (.zip)  
    Simulation Model/CAD ModelsADS54J69 IBIS AMI MODEL (.zip)