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    mikroLab for dsPIC XL


    mikroLab for dsPIC delivers more than it promises. It’s a full development solution not only for dsPIC30, but also for PIC24 MCUs – essentially covering Microchip’s 16-bit PIC portfolio, both low and high pin count chips. The mikroC compiler license included in the kit supports more than 425 chips, while the EasyPIC Fusion v7 board also supports PIC32 MCUs (giving you more possibilities for the future).

    16-bit PICs lie in the middle-ground, providing an easy way to upgrade from 8-bit PICs, but a 32. The diverse MCU offering includes eXtreme Low Power MCUs and high performance digital signal controllers.

    mikroC PRO for dsPIC is a full-featured ANSI C compiler for dsPIC30/33 and PIC24 devices from Microchip®. It features intuitive IDE, powerful compiler with advanced SSA optimizations, lots of hardware and software libraries, and additional tools that will help you in your work. Compiler comes with comprehensive Help file and lots of ready-to-use examples designed to get you started in no time. Compiler license includes free upgrades and a product lifetime tech support, so you can rely on our help while developing.

    EasyPIC Fusion™ v7 combines support for three different architectures: dsPIC33, PIC24 and PIC32 in a single development board It contains many on-board modules, including multimedia, Ethernet, USB, CAN and other. On-board mikroProg™ programmer and debugger supports 101 microcontrollers via MCU cards.

    EasyPIC™ v7 for dsPIC30® is our seventh generation dsPIC® development board. It’s loaded with modules you will need in development of your DSP applications. On-board programmer and debugger, CAN support, temperature sensors, display connectors and six I/O groups are just part of the modules on this board. It is delivered with dsPIC30F4013 device.


    Features of EasyPIC Fusion v7 development board:
    • 65 microcontrollers supported PIC24®, dsPIC33®
    • Many on-board modules Multimedia peripherals
    • Easy-add extra boards mikroBUS™ sockets
    • Two connectors for each port Amazing Connectivity
    • Fast USB 2.0 programmer and In-Circuit Debugger
    Features of EasyPIC for dsPIC30 v7 development board:
    • 14 microcontrollers supported dsPIC30® in DIP package
    • Supports 3.3V and 5V devices Dual Power Supply
    • Easily add extra boards mikroBUS™ sockets
    • Four connectors for each port Amazing Connectivity
    • Fast USB 2.0 programmer and In-Circuit Debugger

    Ships With

    • EasyPIC Fusion v7 development board
    • EasyPIC for dsPIC30 v7 development board
    • MCU card with dsPIC33EP512MU810
    • MCU card with PIC24EP512GU810
    • mikroC for dsPIC(installation on USB flash license activation card)
    • FREE BONUS: Visual TFT (installation on USB flash license activation card)
    • EasyPROTO board
    • SmartPROTO board
    • EasyTEST board
    • Proto click
    • Character LCD 2x16 with blue backlight
    • Graphic LCD 128x64 with TouchPanel
    • Plastic Pen for TouchPanel
    • DS1820 Temperature Sensor
    • Wire Jumpers Female to Female (15cm length, 10pcs)
    • Wire Jumpers Male to Male (15cm length, 10pcs)
    • Wire Jumpers Female to Male (15cm length, 10pcs)

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