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    • Evaluation Module for TMDS181RGZ 6 Gbps TMDS Retimer
    • Evaluation Module for TMDS181RGZ 6 Gbps TMDS Retimer


    The TMDS181RGZEVMTMDS181RGZEVM is a PCB created to help customers evaluate the TMDS181 device for video applications with HDMI interfaces. This EVM can also be used as a hardware reference design for implementation of the TMDS181 in the RGZ package. PCB design/layout files can be provided upon request to provide PCB design illustrations of the routing/placement rules with a TMDS181 component.

    The TMDS181 is a digital video interface (DVI) or high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI®) retimer and redriver. The TMDS181 supports four TMDS channels, audio return channel (SPDIF_IN/ARC_OUT), and digital display control (DDC) interfaces. The TMDS181 supports signaling rates up to 6Gbps to allow for the highest resolutions of 4k2k60p 24 bits per pixel and up to WUXGA 16-bit color depth or 1080p with higher refresh rates. The TMDS181 can be configured to support the HDMI2.0 standard. The TMDS181 automatically configures itself as a redriver at low data rate (< 1.0Gbps) or as a retimer above this data rate by default, or it can be set to redriver only or retimer only modes using I2C.

    • Digital TV
    • Digital Projector
    • Audio/Video Equipment
    • Blu-ray™ DVD
    • Monitors
    • Desktops/ All-in-Ones
    • Active Cables


    • Plug and play design
    • Three device enable/reset options to use with the EVM
    • Local I2C Access
    • A DC Power Jack (J9) to accept a 5-V wall power adapter. Alternately, it is possible to power the EVM by connecting a USB Micro cable from J13 to a USB host and setting SW2 to position 3
    • Configuration available through jumpers

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