Version 1
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    • Populated circuit module for quick setup
    • Software allows data logging for system analysis
    • Complete evaluation system for the bq40z50 battery management IC
    BQ40z50EVM is a complete system useful for evaluating the functionality of the bq40z50 fuel gauge. As described on the BQ40z50 product folder, this gauge is appropriate for applications powered by multi-cell battery systems. The EVM includes one bq40z50 circuit module, a current sense resistor, and four thermistors.

    The bq40z50 device, incorporating patented Impedance Track™ technology, is a fully integrated, single-chip, pack-based solution that provides a rich array of features for gas gauging, protection, and authentication for 1-series, 2-series, 3-series, and 4-series cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer battery packs.

    Application: Multi-cell Battery System