Version 3
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    • Mechanical and Electrical Interface to enable connection with Moto Z
    • Moto Mod Microprocessor (MuC) with 96k ROM
    • Moto High Speed Bridge
    • 80 pin connector exposing all developer interfaces

    The Moto Mods Development Kit (MDK) abstracts complex areas of the Moto Mod architecture so you can focus on your design, create a prototype and refine your concepts quickly and efficiently. To get your projects up and running quickly, the MDK includes a Reference Moto Mod that you attach to your Moto Z device along with a Perforated Board that you can use to solder your custom components and create your first prototype.

    The Reference MotoMod translates the Moto Mod interface into industry standard busses and GPIO while also providing power and control for your project. It connects to Moto Z just like commercial Moto Mods. Through the onboard MuC and Moto Bridge, the Reference Moto Mod supports all of the device peripherals defined by the Moto Mod platform.

    • A Reference Moto Mod with all core computing function
    • A Perforated Board with 364 solder points
    • Rear housing to carry your prototype around