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    The Perforated Board is the primary vehicle for starting development of your Moto Mods Development Kit project.

    • The bottom side contains the mating connector to attach the Perforated Board to the Reference Moto Mod.
    • The top side consists of 3 distinct areas:
      • Breadboard Area: place and connect hardware components needed to realize your project here.
      • MDK Interface (80-pin connector breakout): all connector signals are accessible to probe with test equipment or attach to your project’s hardware.
      • MDK Interface (Test Points): easy access to signals you’re likely to use most often during development of your project, clearly marked with silkscreen.

    The Perforated Board is the primary vehicle for developing of your MDK Project (one is included with the MDK). This Perforated Board is a blank slate for soldering your own electrical components in place. Perfect for experimentation.

    The Perforated Board is the primary vehicle for starting development of your Moto Mods™ Development Kit project. It brings the 80-pin connector to an accessible surface. With 26 rows of solder points at 2.54mm pitch and power bus pins on each side, there is plenty of space for you to get your idea up and running.

    The topside of the board consists of 3 distinct areas:

    Breadboard Area

    The breadboard area contains an arrangement of gold-plated holes to simplify installation and connection of your project’s hardware. In each row, holes a-e are electrically connected, and holes f-j are electrically connected. At the left and right edges of the breadboard area each column (two on each edge, marked with + and -) is electrically connected to provide convenient attachment and connection for power and ground rails used in your design - of course you can use the columns for other purposes, but supply rails are the most common application.

    MDK Interface (80-pin connector breakout)

    All interfaces to the Reference Moto Mod are accessible here. High speed interfaces such as DSI, CSI and USB2.0/MyDP are available only in the breakout area. The pitch of the gold plated pads is 1 mm.

    MDK Interface (Test Points)

    The test points are 1 mm diameter gold plated surrounding the breakout area pads. A full list of the test points is provided in the table below. Silkscreen identifies the signal name at each test point.

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