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    • Low-power 32-bit Intel Quark microcontroller
    • 384kB flash memory
    • 80kB SRAM
    • Low-power integrated DSP sensor hub and pattern matching technology
    • Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)
    • 6-axis combo sensor with accelerometer and gyroscope

    tinyTILE Board Specifications:

    • tinyTILE has solderable holes (standard 40-mil holes on a 0.1” pitch on either side of the board, and two placed on the third side next to the Bluetooth antenna)
    • I/O connections have the same names and functions as the Arduino/Genuino 101 board
    • 3 mounting holes, sized to accept standard #2-56 or M2 machine screws
    • tinyTILE has a micro-USB connector and may be powered and programmed using the Arduino IDE*, Intel® Curie™ Open Developer Kit (ODK) available at, or Anaren Atmosphere*
    • Master-reset button
    • Power ‘on’ status LED
    • 3v I/O
    • Regulated 3.3 volt power output
    • tinyTILE is be CE/FCC certified
    tinyTILE is an Intel® Curie™ module based board measuring approx 35 x 26mm.

    It can be programmed using the Arduino IDE*, Intel’s own software – Intel® Curie™ Open Developer Kit (ODK), available at, or Anaren Atmosphere* – a cloud-based ecosystem that offers a complete end-to-end IoT solution. Each of these environments provide unlimited development possibilities with the tinyTILE.

    The reverse side of the tinyTILE board is flat, with many testpoints that provide access to nearly all Intel® Curie module I/O. The board is small and narrow to fit breadboards easily. The holes are unpopulated to allow easy connections to the user’s circuits.

    tinyTILE features the Intel Curie module, a low-power compute module that comes with motion sensors, Bluetooth® Low Energy, and pattern matching capabilities for learning and analysis of sensor data. This enables quick and easy identification of actions and motions. tinyTILE is a complete low-power solution designed for use in wearable devices and rapid prototyping. The Intel Curie module offers features that are ideal for “always-on” applications requiring motion monitoring, wireless capabilities, low power and small size.
    Bill of MaterialsTinyTile-Bom (.pdf)  
    Board Support PackageCadence-Design (.zip)  
    Board Support PackageEagle-Design (.zip)