tinyTILE - Intel Curie Module Based Board

Version 2
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    • Low-power 32-bit Intel Quark microcontroller
    • 384kB flash memory
    • 80kB SRAM
    • Low-power integrated DSP sensor hub and pattern matching technology
    • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
    • 6-axis combo sensor with accelerometer and gyroscope
    tinyTILE is an Intel Curie module based board, a miniaturised adaptation of the Arduino/Genuino 101 board, measuring approx 35 x 26mm.

    As such is can be programmed using either the Arduino IDE or Intel's own software - Open Developer Kit for the Intel® Curie™ Module.

    The tinyTILE reverse side of the board will be flat, with lots of test-points that provide access to nearly all Curie IO. The net effect to physical/mechanical is to narrow the board to fit breadboards easily. The holes are unpopulated to allow easy connections to the user's circuits. The Curie module is a Low-Power Compute Module that comes with compute, motion sensors, BLE, battery charging capabilities, and pattern matching capabilities for optimized analysis of sensor data.

    This enables quick and easy identification of actions and motions. It's a complete low-power solution designed for use in wearable devices and consumer and industrial edge products. The Intel Curie module offers features that are ideal for "always-on" applications such as social media, sports, and fitness activities. The module is packaged into a very small form factor and runs a software platform created specifically for the Intel Curie module.