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    element14 is very pleased to offer a complimentary EAGLE library for 101 Dev Boards!


    The Genuino/Arduino 101 combines the easy use of the classic Arduino boards alongside the most recent open-source Arduino's platform.

    Its accelerometer, gyroscope and Bluetooth Smart connectivity enable the development of smart, connected devices that make it easy for anyone to create interactive projects.


    Note: The Arduino 101 Development Board is for USA customers only. For interest outside of the USA, please see the Genuino 101 Development Board.



    Just download the attached zip file below and load the library into EAGLE!


    Don't yet have EAGLE? Select a version to suit your needs here!


    Buy Genuino 101


    We hope you enjoy building with Intel and Autodesk EAGLE.


    Thanks for being a part of the element14 community!


    Don't forget!..

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