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    Congratulations to the winners podium of element14's Design Challenge - Make Life Accessible!


    Thanks to our challengers for their dedication, and also to our judges from NXP, Designability and Special Effect.



    Grand Prize Winner MLA


    Clear Walk - Moving Mirrors

    by Douglas Wong, of Canada. dougw


    Doug clearly executed the challenge brief well and generated a lot of interest for the fully functional solar-powered Clear Walk system with mirrors, capable of redirecting sunlight anywhere it is needed under remote control.



    His challenge was to invent something that could reduce the extraordinarily high number of injury-related deaths among seniors in Canada caused by falls. Clear Walk can be used on an icy walkway or driveway that needs to be cleared, or on indoor plants (redirecting sunlight through a window), or directed over a laundry line. Final Demo >

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    MLA Grand Prize Swag

    • Clear Walk Build featured on an episode of The Ben Heck Show - Dates and Links Coming Later in 2016.

    TBHS MLA Winner




    Runner Up MLA



    by Scott Coppersmith, of the USA. rsc


    Scott designed a motorised articulating table top using sensors that can detect the credentials of the sitter and move in and out accordingly.


    His challenge was to invent an affordable, multi-functional home automation mobility aid. The table top can be mounted on a bed headboard or wheelchair for drawing, laptop stand, reading, or other activity that requires a small table. Final Demo>

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    • Oculus Rift

    • Oculus Touch Controller




    Third Prize MLA



    by Ambrogio Galbusera, of Italy. amgalbu

    Ambrogio tackled the challenge brief in a very innovative way.


    His challenge was to give those less able the opportunity to communicate through visual arts, vis-à-vis drawing. This project comprised an eye tracking device and a robot to draw on a drawing board. Ambrogio's final blog was exemplary, including a table of contents to easily follow his build from concept to design. Final Demo >


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    • GoPro Hero Session





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