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    Do you have a cool electronics project that you would like to productize and commercialize?
    element14's Design and Manufacturing Services can help you turn that brilliant idea into a finished product that can be marketed and sold worldwide.

    As part of our commitment to innovative hardware start-ups, we can collaborate with you early in the product development cycle and offer a package of services specifically tailored to your needs.

    Our end-to-end design and manufacturing capabilities enable you to focus on your core product development and revenue generation activities.

    Why element14?
    We are the manufacturing partner for the world's most popular single board computers, like the Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black and BBC micro:bit. Our engineering teams have decades of experience in successfully designing and helping bringing products to market.

    Whether it is customizing existing platforms or designing from scratch, our experts have a proven track record in optimizing cost, building robust products and accelerating time to market for our customers.

    How element14 helps Makers get their product ideas to market quicker and at a lower overall cost:


    Design Maker Package

    Do you have your requirements locked down and need help to jumpstart schematic / PCB layout design? Our flexible, low-cost Design Maker package lets you easily engage with our engineering team

    Product Maker Package

    The Product Maker package helps turn your design into a pilot product that can be marketed.

    Case Studies:

    "Element14 is helping OpenROV build underwater vehicles with the ability to explore places we've never seen before. The customized Raspberry Pi has lowered the barrier entry, allowing us to make quick design iterations, cultivate a community and bring revloitionary ideas like the Trident to life"
    "We were looking for a strong hardware partner with the expertise to design and manufacture our SmartHub. We are thrilled with Element14, who have given us peace of mind throughout our product development efforts"
    "Our partnership with Element14 is enabling market adoption of our pioneering IoT App platform. Together with Element14's manufacturing capabilities, engaged developer community and unmatched global distribution channels, we are acceleration our mission"
    "As a smaller company, resource management can be a challenge for us. Element14 already has a large distribution chain, contacts with major re-sellers and a variety of add-ons and accessories already available. Having them on-side means we don't have to build up all of those things ourselves. It frees us up to concentrate on what we see as our main competitive advantage - which is research & development and making products."
    "We'd never manufactured anything at this scale before, so having a company like Element14 prove so easy to work with really helped us to fulfill our Kickstarter and move forward"
    "When you find a product-market fit, as a start-up you want to scale rapidly. Element14 has been instrumental in building our product and enabling us to go-to-market"
    "There aren't enough spaces to have a hardware community online... [so] we're big fans of the meetup groups in London ... and element14 complements that well with its online community."


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