Version 10

    MicroPolls are meant as a short and snappy way of having users engage with your post.


    What this functionality does is to embed a pre-existing poll and show it in a box within the post.



    In order to use this functionality, the first thing you must do is to create a poll in the normal way. You can create it anywhere, and there is no rule that the poll must be in the same space as the content you are going to embed it in, but both the content and the poll have to be in a place that is visible to the viewer. You cannot place the poll in a hidden space and the content it is in in a public place, or the user will be presented with an unauthorized banner.


    Having created your poll, you can now embed it into your content. The easiest way of doing this is to use the URL of the poll.


    There are a number of ways you can get the URL. The simplest is to go to your content, find the poll in question, right click on it, and select "Copy Link Location" or "Copy Link Address". You may prefer going to the actual content and copying the URL from the browser address bar.



    Once you have the URL, go back to your content and edit it. Inside the main body of your content, move your cursor to where you would like to insert your poll, and select the MicroPoll option from the 'Insert' menu.



    Paste in your URL, and click the OK button, and the MicroPoll will now be inserted.